Who are we ?

Taemana is a business consultancy firm active since 2006, specialised in providing flexible digital solutions to organisations. Our lead product is the Expert Directory®, a fully customisable online platform that blends our years of experience in one compact and affordable package. Our services include:

Software Development

Our programmers have designed a flexible platform that can be tailored to your organisation and meet all your compatibility needs.

Graphic Facilitation

Our designers are able to adapt and summarise huge amounts of data and display them in visually appealing formats that are both intuitive and extensive.


Our consultants can help you identify best practices in your organisation and optimise the workflow using our proven Knowledge Management methods.

Expert Directory® Walkthrough

Blending years of experience into a tailor-made software solution.

Optimising Knowledge Efficiency

Our software is the result of 11 years of experience

The Expert Directory® combines all our methods with features such as:

  • Extensive directory of key knowledge holders
  • Visual mapping display for increased accessibility.
  • Fully customisable features, including social media option.
  • Office 365 integration with Sharepoint and Sharepoint On-Premise.

Our consultants' accompaniment includes :

  • Identifying and cataloguing key knowledge holders.
  • Customising graphic charts and features of the software.
  • Holding change management trainings to assist managers.
  • Developing communities of practices around the platform.


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